Leah, Age 13, Fort McMurray, AB

I could look at you for hours,
'Cause your energy is so alluring
Iím lingering on every sentence
And every lyric that you sing.
Writing songs youíll never listen too
And poems that youíll forget.
But with you itís always different
Never something to regret.
You're runniní round my mind
All throughout the day
And though I have a lot of words,
I run out of things to say.
Iím stuttering and shaking.
I'll never get you right.
Sleep - I'm so far from it,
Though I am dreaming every night.
Iím thinking about the future;
How with you Iíd like to stay
I do not want to grow apart,
But it gets harder everyday.
I wish I could express to you
Everything I want you to know
Like how I never want to see you leave,
And never want to see you go
I was never into making promises,
Youíve accepted this quite well.
But I will promise you one thing:
I would follow you to hell.


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