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Sue Farrell Holler. Lacey and the African Grandmothers
Second Story Press $14.95 ISBN 978-1-897187-61-6 163 pg.
Reviewed by Emma, Age 11

“You have enough things to do here. You can’t be helping poor old grandmothers in Africa or ones in Canada who don’t even know how to write letters.”

Lacey Little Bird lives on a First Nations reserve near Calgary, Alberta. She has a large family including her older sister, Angel, and a nephew named Kayden. Lacey goes to a regular school, but helps out after school in the Gleichen Siksika Outreach School also known as their church basement. She enjoys her grandmother’s company and the time they spend together beading and learning about their culture. Lacey hears of a program to help raise money for grandmothers in Africa who have to look after their grandchildren because their parents have died from AIDS. Right away Lacey decides she wants to help by making purses to sell and donate the proceeds to Africa. She is told several times that her idea is no good, but Lacey is persistent. Lacey is visited by the ladies of the organization, during her sale; Lacey is proud of her accomplishments.

This is based on real events and I enjoyed reading about life on a Reserve in Canada. I also thought it was good how Lacey thought she could make a difference in the world with the help of her own grandmother. I really liked Lacey’s character. She is very thoughtful and confident.

I would give Lacey and the African Grandmothers four stars. This newest Kids’ Power book is for readers 10 and older. Other titles include Maggie and the Chocolate War and Yeny and the Children for Peace.



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