Sarah's Stars

Sandra Alonzo. Riding Invisible
Disney Hyperion $16.95 ISBN 978-1-4231-1898-5 240 pg.
Reviewed By Victoria, Age 12

Still Day Four-
Probably 5:00 pm-beside a deserted road

Iím a run away, just a kid who's wondering what my friends learned today in third period Geography, being as Iím enrolled in the "School of Life on the Road".

My idea of Geography?? Itís hot pavement that burns through my jeans while I sit here in the shade of a cactus. Itís wondering what's edible for horses in the wild. Itís trying to guess how many more miles we've got left to Palmdale. Itís asking God where the waterís located and how much should horses drink in this kind of heat.

A tale about Yancy Aparicio's life; his brother, his parents, his horse Shy, Christi - the girl of his dreams, and his want for freedom in the home. Growing up with his brother, Will, who has Conduct Disorder is the main part of his life. Every day is a challenge; the threats about hurting his horse, hurting Yancy, and how Will gets away with almost everything. Finally Yancy runs away on Shy, and we begin his adventure on horseback in his journal.

In Riding Invisible, Yancy overcomes many challenges with his horse Shy.
From not being able to find any water, to finding a place to stay and meeting the worker at Triple R Ranch, to almost killing themselves in the woods. Overall, itís a really great book. I would only recommend Riding Invisible to the more mature 12 year olds and up, because of the mature content. A great book thatís hard to put down, because it keeps you guessing.

Iíll give Riding Invisible four spicy stars!



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