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Natasha D’Amours. The One He Left Behind
KidPub Press $11.95 ISBN 978-1442118058 70 pg.
Reviewed by Koryn, Age 12

Princess Jane is your typical princess. Gentle, kind, shy, and beautiful. But to Prince Samuel, Jane is, well, plain. He wants adventure, not a boring life holed up inside a castle. On the day of their wedding, Prince Samuel runs away with the cook’s assistant. Heart-broken, Princess Jane runs away to find the prince of her dreams. But she is in for a surprise…

The One He Left Behind is a great novel. It is short, sweet, and filled to the brim with description. The main character, Princess Jane, starts out seeming like a fairy tale princess, but as you read the book she becomes a flowering, beautiful character. I loved the plot. It was very clever and original. I could not put it down! I cannot wait to read more of Natasha D’Amours’s work in the future.

Natasha D’Amours is 13 years old. She enjoys writing stories in both French and English. She lives in British Columbia with her parents and younger sister. This is her first novel, which I recommend for ages 9-12.

I give The One He Left Behind five stars.




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