Jin, Age 14, Ashburn, VA

I think that people should control their alcohol consumption. Because a lot of people die from alcohol consumption. Next, I think they should control their BAC because your life depends on it. Also Iím going to talk about teen drinking. And finally some facts on alcohol.

Okay, as I said in my introduction, Iím going to talk about a lot of people dying from it. Currently about 534,000 people, or one in every minute, are killed by alcohol. So I think thatís a lot and people in the family are affected because if one of your family members dies your family will fall into depression.

Next, Iím going to talk about BAC. BAC is a short term for blood alcohol content. Itís important because it depends on the level of certain BAC. As the levels get higher the risk of your dying will be higher. It gets higher by the amount of alcohol drink in your lung an amount of time.

So I think that teen drinking is serious. Because it can just ruin your life. Most teens say that they ruined their life by drinking alcohol. The right age to start drinking alcohol is 21 but most teens have already drunken it before that. So I think teen drinking is pretty serious and I also think that someone should take actions to prevent it.

Did you know that your lungs can only hold about two drinks in an hour? Yes, it is true, if my health teacher and the health book aren't lying. Also your risk of drinking alcohol is higher if your family drinks alcohol.

So I definitely think that these should be changed in the world. But if there wasn't any alcohol there would be less people dying and less jobs with alcohol companies.

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