Amazing Day
Jake, Age 15, Ashburn, VA

I had an amazing day this past weekend with my friend Tyler. It started out with me waking up very early as usual on weekends. I was very tired and Tyler called me very early because he was wondering if I wanted to do something. We then decided to go to Lifetime Fitness to do a little workout. This was the second time I had gone there and I think it is very well put together. I wanted to shoot basketball because it was a while since the last time I did. So we shot for a while but then this junior comes up to us and asks, "You two want to play a game of 21?"

We said sure after thinking it was going to be an easy game. We were mistaken. This kid was actually good and I was up in the game for a while but somehow he pulled ahead of me. Tyler was in last the whole time and I chuckled a little bit but I wasn't doing that well either so I couldn't say anything. Finally the game ended and we both lost but not too badly. And since I hadn't played in a while, I was happy with my efforts.

After our rigorous game of basketball, Tyler and I both decided it was time to go in the pool for a while. The pool was cold at first but it was also very refreshing. I enjoyed swimming a few laps but then my ankle started hurting because I broke it earlier in the year playing football. When we were finished swimming, we went to the sauna to warm up a bit. It was very hot, and we were sweating like crazy, so we checked the temperature and it was 163 degrees! We didn't believe it was that hot, though.

After we had had enough of the sauna, we went into the mushroom pool to wade a little before I had to be home for dinner. I was going to Ledo's with my family, so I had to be home by six. Everybody went home and we met up again at Ledo's. The food was amazing, and we ate a lot.

So everyone went home, and since it was a Saturday, Tyler was wondering if I could sleep over at his house. We rented two movies to watch. Both movies were very interesting. It was a fun night, and I hope we can do it again this weekend.

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