A Blue Dream
Joana, Age 10, Mount Joy, PA

Like a nightmare the waves crash splash and hiss
I twisted and screamed
The wind blew and I was carried to shore
I coughed like I had a bubble in my stomach
Suddenly I looked up I saw a rain cloud
The rain fell so lightly in a ripple
I got up I always loved the rain
I was kissed with the wet drops
They glittered as they fell on my skin in the sunlight
I danced and danced and danced in a puddle
The sound rang in my ears like a drum as it hit the whirling water
A gust of wind came and the rain stopped
I looked up and rays of light hit me like a hammer
I saw the sky there was a painted sunset
Ribbons of light and color blended together like a bowl of soup
They all fit together like a giant jigsaw puzzle
In a flash there was snap and a curl
I was sucked back into the ocean
I saw a large spiral in the distance
Then I heard a whisper
I woke from a doze and sighed
It was all just a blue dream

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