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Marisabina Russo. A Very Big Bunny
Schwartz & Wade Books $22.99 ISBN 978-0-375-84463-8 36 pg.
Reviewed by An-Mei, Age 12

She wanted to be a bunny. A not-so-big bunny.

Amelia is the biggest bunny in her class. None of the other bunnies want to play with her. She is by herself until a very small bunny named Susannah moves into her school.

The front cover invites a reader into the story with its very big bunny taking up the entire page. It relates to the story very well with her sad look, while making dandelion crowns. The illustrations pay good attention to detail, with the posters on the classroom walls, and inside the students’ desks. The illustrations have soft lines as if done with felt. Younger readers could read it, and it would make a good out-loud read. The text is well placed around the illustrations. The font is large enough for Grade 1/2 readers. This book is great for kids aged four to seven. Marisabina Russo is an author of three other picture books. She won an award for her book Come Back, Hannah.

Russo’s picture book, A Very Big Bunny, has a good lesson in it, which is that size does not matter if you want to be friends. I give A Very Big Bunny 4 stars.


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