Adelle, Age 10, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

It all started when I was 12. The saddest thing that has happened to me. All the way up to the 7th grade, I was the one little kids looked up to, the one adults called an angel. I was perfect. Or so they thought. I had a dream about being an author. I wrote stories in my spare time and my teacher said I was splendid and excellent. There was always a gold star next to my work. One little thing stopped me- I was absolutely ginormous.

I got called rude names everyday, names I can't bear to repeat. I decided to go on a diet. I refused to eat chocolates, chips, crisps, and any carbs. I needed to stay on my diet. Soon, I was refusing everything my friends or family offered me- plates of rice, noodles, spaghetti- it was too much. Everyday I nibbled on a cold celery stick and then threw it away. One piece of fruit everyday was enough. When I ate more than that, I stuck a finger down my throat over the toilet and let all the food out.

My mum was so worried about me. She complained that I was only twelve and that I should start eating again, but I simply couldn't. The thought of oil and fat swimming around in my chubby arms and Charlie Brown cheeks was too much. I lost over twenty kilograms and my ribs stuck out an awful lot- five inches or so. My mum sent me to the hospital where they stuck a tube up my nose and fed me liquids. I cried, tears streaming down my face, but they didn't stop.

I learnt a lesson. You shouldn't starve yourself. I was overweight before but after I went on a "diet" I was too skinny- anorexic and bulimic. So, don't starve yourself! It's not good for you!



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