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Kate Klimo. The Dragon in the Sock Drawer (Dragon Keepers: Book I)
Random House Children's Books $6.99 ISBN 978-0-375-85588-7 192 pg.
Reviewed by Anastasia, Age 11

The main character is brown eyed, shaggy brown haired Jesse and his middle name is Tiger. He lives with his cousin Daisy, his uncle Joe and his aunt Maggie because he doesnít want to be traveling all the time with his parents. Jesse finds what looks like a thunder rock in the mountain, but it is actually a dragon egg. When it hatches, Jesse and Daisy look after the dragon and name her Emerald, Emmy for short. A professor who they find on the Internet talks to them on the screen and helps them with Emmy. But Jesse and Daisy are dragon keepers now and they have to protect Emmy from St. George the dragon slayer. Will Jesse and Daisy be able to raise Emmy and keep her away from St. George?

Kate Klimo first got the idea for this book many years ago when her three sons were small and she came across a geode lying among the rolled-up socks in one of their sock drawers. Now that her sons are all grown up, she has finally found the time to write the story down. I think this book is suitable for ages 8-12.

I like The Dragon in the Sock Drawer because it is interesting, hard to put down, plus it is a real cliffhanger. Especially at the end Ö thankfully, I had the next book. Thirdly I like how the book is really creative; like a talking egg, a dragon turning into a dog or a talking computer. Fourthly I like how she started the book with the screaming (rock). Very interesting. Lastly I like how each chapter begins with a small picture because it tells you a bit of what the chapterís going to be about, and also makes the chapter look exiting so you want to read more. Like in Chapter 3 with the picture of an exploding egg, or in Chapter 9 with Emmy hiding in a shoe basket.

I give The Dragon in the Sock Drawer a four star rating!



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