Life as an Elephant
Daphne, Age 11, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

I woke up to find myself sleeping in an awkward position. I stood up and lightly tapped my mum on her back,

“Mum, wake up. It’s time for breakfast!” I whispered in her colossal ear. She grunted and went back to sleep. I gave up trying to wake Mum up so I decided to play with my friend, Jane.

“Come on Jane; let’s go play with your brother!” I excitedly said. While trying to find Jane’s younger brother, my mum found me and scolded me for running away.

“How could you Ellie? You know that I get really anxious,” said Mum in a relieved voice.

“Sorry Mum.”

“Now let’s go eat our breakfast shall we?” Mum asked. I was longing for her to say that. Like always, I held on to her tail and Mum led the way. And as for breakfast, we ate the leaves on the bushes. I didn’t like it how Mum would always tell me to, or not to, eat that leaf. After breakfast, I played with Jane again. This time, we played 'Who can pull the most tails without being noticed?' Jane almost was caught, but she ran and hid behind another elephant. Mum said that I shouldn’t play that game because it’s rude, but I didn’t really care. We started to head north to... Mum hasn’t told me yet, it’s a surprise. It was a long and boring walk (not to mention hot!) when suddenly, I pulled my Mum’s tail. She yelped and leapt with rage. I could see she was REALLY mad but I didn’t care because right in front of me was a lake, where we could soak and cool ourselves down. Instinctively, I ran towards the lake and splashed into the refreshing water. I could see Mum sigh but everyone else was already in the lake, like I was.

After a few long hours, the herd was slowly moving back to where we were just now, eating along the way. Now, the scorching sun was slowly descending in the sky, turning bright orange, with pink and yellow clouds matching it. Now, you could see the bright, clear moon shining in the darkness. I lay down on to my mum’s tummy and slept a dreamless night.


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