Extra Tooth
Ethan, Age 14, Ashburn, VA

Yanking it out of my mouth, it hurt so much. Now that I think about it, I was going to look much better.

It all started when I was in elementary school. I had this weird tooth start growing in between my two front teeth. My mom thought it was odd. However, to me it was cool. It didnít take long for it to grow and it was probably there for about three and a half months.

After a while my mom took me to the dentist. He called the tooth an "egg tooth.Ē It was shaped like an egg but skinnier. They said come back in a week, and we will see what we can do.

We came back and they said bacteria in my gums formed it. They said they would take it out and and close the gap with a retainer, so we decided to get rid of it.

My dentist wasnít so bright; he forgot to put the numbing stuff on my tooth. So he was yanking the tooth out of my mouth. When he finally got it out, my mouth swelled up immediately. He put the retainer in about a week later. He fixed the gap most of the way, but it was not good enough.

That's my story about my painful tooth extraction.

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