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Kathy Clark. Guardian Angel House
Second Story Press $14.95 ISBN 978-1-897187-58-6 227 pg.
Reviewed by Anika, age 11

"I was so horrible to Papa the day he brought me here." Julia went on, speaking more to herself than to Susan. "I told him I hated him for making me leave. And now I might never see him again." She moved away from Susan and whispered to herself, "I'm so sorry, Papa, for what I said to you," Julia whispered. "I do love you." The next morning when the girls rose, Julia was gone.

Susan is a Jewish girl in Hungary in 1944. Not the best time to be Jewish. Germany has invaded Hungary, and the Jews are no longer safe. Susan and her younger sister Vera are sent to live with Catholic nuns who don't believe in what people are doing to Jews. With plenty of other girls to keep them company, and lots of chores to keep them occupied, it turns into a safe, happy place cut off from the outside world. But when the bombing starts, the girls start to worry. And then the Nazis start to raid the convent for the missing Jewish girls.

Guardian Angel House is based on a true story. The author's mother and aunt are the main characters, Susan and Vera. Two hundred twenty girls stayed with the nuns during the war. The convent was located in Budapest, on a hill on the Buda side. Ironically, on the top of the hill the convent was on, there was a Nazi base. I would recommend this book for kids age nine and ten, some parts are hard to understand, but other than that it is a pretty simple read. If you liked Guardian Angel House, you might also like The Diary of Laura's Twin or Turned Away.

Guardian Angel House is a good book if you want interesting information on a topic most young people haven't heard of, and would probably be good for reports. I found that it blended in with most of the other books about the Holocaust I have read, nothing really sets it apart. The way it is set up when you read it makes it very descriptive, and it has plenty of conversations in it. Even though it has a hard to connect to topic, it is still easy to make connections.

I think Guardian Angel House is a nice book about caring for others, and give it four nice stars.


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