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Mordecai Richler. Jacob Two-Two and the Dinosaur
Cary Fagan. Jacob Two-Two on the High Seas
Tundra Books $12.99
(The Dinosaur) ISBN 978-0-88776-926-9 96 pg.
(On the High Seas) ISBN 978-0-88776-895-8 105 pg.

Reviewed by Anika, age 11

The hill was big and high, and soon the pirates, who were in bad shape, began panting for breath. "We're almost there, lads," puffed Crossbones, shakily raising his sword. "When we get to the top of this hill, we'll be able to see where the treasure is. Onward!"

Forward they went. All of them reached the top of the hill at the same time. And all of them stopped, including Jacob. Because what they saw wasn't treasure at all. - From
Jacob Two-Two on the High Seas

Jacob Two-Two is a boy who is two plus two plus two years old. He has two hands and two feet and two arms and two legs. He has two sisters and two brothers. He also has two eyes and two ears that are extremely good at seeking out trouble. In this first book, Jacob Two-Two on the High Seas, Jacob's dad writes a wonderful new book, and the family moves from England to Canada. On the ship, Jacob befriends Cindy Snootcastle, a first-class British girl and Morgenbesser, who works aboard the S.S. Spring-a-Leak. But something sneaky is afoot. The horrible first mate Mr. Scrounger puts Jacob and Cindy to work shoveling coal and scrubbing decks. And then the pirates come.

In Jacob Two-Two and the Dinosaur, Jacob is
two plus two plus two plus two years old. Jacob Two-Two's parents bring him an adorable green lizard back from their trip to Kenya. Jacob names him Dippy. But then Dippy grows, and grows, and Jacob learns that Dippy is actually a living Diplodocus! But when people start complaining, Jacob and Dippy find themselves running from the government.

The Jacob Two-Two series is practically a classic. The books are written for kids learning to read, all the way up to kids (and adults) who have been reading for a very long time. They are silly, imaginative books about a silly, imaginative boy. Other books in the series include Jacob Two-Two's First Spy Case and Jacob Two-Two Meets the Hooded Fang.

Hooray for Jacob Two-Two! The Jacob Two-Two books are daydreamy, hilarious, witty, and fun books that are amazingly descriptive. They are light reads for older kids, and silly chapter books for younger kids. Jacob Two-Two books have cute little illustrations that are just as funny as the print. I think the Jacob Two-Two series is a fantastic series that everybody should read, and I give both five stars, five stars.


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