Just a Dream?
Daphne, Age 11, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Chapter One

“Steal it and let’s go!” Julianne whispered.

“Okay! C’mon,” Lea said, grabbing the key next to their grandfather’s bed. They could still hear their grandpa grunt and snore. Lea and Julianne quickly tip-toed to the mahogany wooden door and Lea clutched onto the gleaming, golden door knob. Darting across the somber corridor, they both reached their grandfather's study. "This is it,” Julianne breathed in deeply. Slowly, she turned the skeleton key and the groaning door opened.

Chapter Two

When Lea and Julianne stepped into the darkness of the stuffy room, they could not tell why their grandfather told them not to come in here.

“Do you think that Grandpa might’ve hid something in here?” Julianne whispered, still cautious of her every move.

“Maybe, let’s check,” Lea said, looking around for anything peculiar. Quietly, they started to rummage through cabinets, drawers and trays. They also checked under chairs, table and even behind the computer. All of a sudden, Lea thought that if their grandpa was keeping it a secret, he would’ve hidden it very carefully. Her eyes darted across to the immense oil painting-right in the middle of the wall-too big that it didn’t look like a decoration anymore.

“Julianne! Check behind the oil painting,” Lea exclaimed, pointing to it. Julianne straight away rushed to the oil painting, and lifted it up; moreover, right in the corner of it was a dusty, scintillating Victorian switch. On the switch it said, “PAST” and “PRESENT.” Without thinking, Julianne switched it to the past; everything was sucked into a black hole. Lea shouted, but Julianne didn’t hear it.

Chapter Three

Still light-headed from the outrageous journey, Lea and Julianne were lying down, grasping their heads. As they got up, Lea could feel the peculiar, warmth underneath her back. Was that tiger rug there before? Strangely enough, instead of the Apple Mac, she saw a grey, antiquated typewriter blanketed with a sheet of dust. In addition to that, the plain white walls were peeling at an alarming rate.

“Julianne?” Lea whispered quietly, still baffled from what had just happened. “Are you there?” Lea could hear Julianne stand up but she didn’t bother to look up.

“Get up, Lea, what do you think had just happened?” Julianne asked, helping Lea up.
“I don’t know, let's get out of here,” said Lea, looking around. Julianne walked to the door, which seemed new and shimmery. She clutched the door knob and slowly opened the door.

Chapter Four

Everything turned again. The whole world was spinning. Twirling until it suddenly stopped. They (again) landed with a bump, both groaning about the journey. When they both helped each other up on their feet, Julianne realized that-for some odd reason- they were at a beach, on a perfect Sunday morning. She scanned the beach and noticed that a lot of people were there. Julianne tried to ask people where they were but she didn’t seem to attract their attention.

“Hellooooo? Yoo Hoo! Can you hear me?” Julianne said, jumping up and down, standing in front of them, waving in front of their faces. Lea stopped Julianne from her own embarrassment

“Julianne, it’s never going to work. Haven’t you realized th- Mum and Dad! That’s Mum and Dad!” Lea shouted jumping up and down, so ecstatic about it. Julianne turned around and started to jump up and down too. They ran towards them but they didn’t seem to see Lea or Julianne, like they were purposely ignoring them. Lea and Julianne noticed what the problem was: The people here couldn’t hear or see them. They could only sit and stare at what they were doing. As their dad was swimming around in the sea, the current slowly started to get rough as the clouds got dark. Their dad forced through the waves but they would just throw him back and forth like he was a tennis ball played by one and another. Lea and Julianne couldn’t do anything about it, they could only just watch in despair.

“No!” Mum cried, screaming her head off, trying to fight the waves too. Finally, their mum also jumped in to save their dad but only also got dragged into the darkness of the terrifying waves. Suddenly, a bright light came from nowhere, it had blinded them.

Chapter Five

“Wake up, wake up!” Mum said shaking Lea’s back. “We’re going to the beach today!” Dad excitedly said. Both Lea and Julianne immediately opened their eyes wide and stared at each other.

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