Kristin, Age 15, Ashburn, VA

“Hey, Kristin, how do you use this?” asked my younger cousin Holly. “Like any other camera, Holis. You just aim and press that biiig button at the top.” *Flash* the sound of the camera came first. Soon following were the words “Aw! Aw!” coming from my Mini-Me (Holly) “What were you doing?” I asked after she stopped blinking with pain. “I was trying to take a picture of my pony.” I thought a moment then said, “Then why was the lens facing you?” She stared at the camera with a reply of “Oh! So that’s what that is.” Holly may be a stereotypical New Jersey girl, but I will always love her nonetheless.

Most of Holly’s free time is spent on riding. The first year she did this, she was also playing on a travel soccer team. By the second year of doing both sports, she quit soccer. This came as a shock to her coaches, as she was the best player on the team. But she said that she wanted the time for riding. Holly has done many competitions and is always so excited to show me the equipment for riding.

One day Holly and I were taking the dirt bikes out and, I can’t remember how it happened, Holly accidently broke one of the bikes. When we told her parents, they weren’t mad at us at all. We told them that Jake (Holly’s older brother) was trying to help us fix it, hoping that it would get him out of trouble for breaking their pool cover. I guess you can just say that our plan sort of backfired when Holly’s parents started yelling at Jake, saying that he might have just broken it more. We tried to reason with them, and in calm tones we said that it was us who broke it in the first place. They would have none of it. All they said was “Don’t worry, you two didn’t do anything wrong”. This is what normally happens to us with our family. We do something wrong and someone else gets the blame for it no matter what we say. It’s almost like we’re the Queens of England in our family. Holly thinks this to be superb until I get the better of her with my reasoning.

Many times my Mini-Me (Holly) will wait for my answer to something just so that she can have the same one. Even if we are just at a restaurant. It can be a little odd at times I will admit. Over the years, Holly has obtained an odd obsession with my likes. Whenever we see each other, she will ask if my favorite bands have changed, etc. And by the next time we see each other, she will say that she too is now fond of the band. Yet another thing that she does is try to act and dress like me. I, personally, have never heard Holly say anything bad about what I like. Just for clarification issues, Holly only has a cute aspiration to be very much so like me. Not an odd stand on your heels person. 

Holly is my younger cousin. Even though she is a stereotypical New Jersey resident, who doesn’t know how to work a camera, she’s my loving Mini-Me.

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