The Purple Glasses
Melody, Age 14, Edison, NJ

Maybe life was truly hard for her but her
energy was spent on herself.
Looking at the darkness in her life
only increased her pain, but she continued doing so for lack of a better thing.
Days spent stumbling around the house never looking
Beyond the huge tears dripping down her nose.

"My life is terrible!
Every day I get a huge blow.
Look at all my pain.
Oh why does it have to be me?"
Despair and gloom stole the
Yellow sunshine in her glee.

One day as she slumped in bed,
her head buried deep
like a corpse: she looked brain dead.
A faint creeping sound seized her ears
and she looked around to see a box.
with a butterfly-like note perched on top.
Turning her head quickly, stealthily like a fox,
she glanced around
For hidden eyes.
With a trembling hand,
she wiped the hard tears of her cheeks
and tapped the box with a delicate and long finger.

The note read, "Put me on!"
She hiccupped
and sat up straight.
Cautiously and fearfully,
she lifted the cardboard top
and waited for her fate.
Inching it open,
she gave a sigh.
when no huge monster arrived.

As slowly as the laziest snail,
the box was opened and a pair
of purple glasses laid nestled
in the soft wrapping.
With an impulse,
that surprised herself,
she placed them on her eyes,
and blinked three times,
for she was taken to a world of surprise!

"These are magical glasses."
The glasses began to resonate
in a soft and calming voice.

It was a voice of melting butter,
water passing through sloping hills
and with a twinge of sweetness.
Somewhere in the girl's heart,
she knew it belonged to the group of family, loved ones,
a friend.

"Take a look around."
The voice urged her and
like a bolt of lightning,
she whipped off the suddenly heavy covers,
with a silent thud,
her feet hit the floor.
She threw the door,
and flew into the street.
She took a deep breath
and blinked again.
The hubbub and confusion
refused to swallow her this time.
It was perfectly still.

As she stood in the middle,
thoughts swarmed her like annoying bees.
But these were pleasant thoughts.
With a smile,
she decided many moments
were hers to capture,
with these special glasses.

The glasses guided her down an uneven path.
past a place she never known to her cautious feet,
past the familiar sights as
the sky cascaded into torment
and the brilliant sunshine was whipped out of the sky,
with empty and hollow
as if some large unseen force
had dumped a bucket of black paint across the sun.

No wind blew.
No sound was uttered.
The world was in serenity.

A small hut stood in the middle
of this masterpiece,
in a warm patch of sunshine.
So cozy,
the girl wanted to hug it.
And somehow, she knew,
that this door of rugged,
splintered wood
was hers to open.

A breath of cloudy
and trapped air
flew into her mind.

Sitting in perfect pantomime,
with no movement and no breath,
were people all around her.
The glasses began telling her
each of their own stories.
starting from the right,
all the way down to the left,
feelings poured out.

Many wallets had never been full.
The aching of the stomach which
slept hungry.
The cold wind beat on them.
But they shivered still
without a roof over their wet heads.
Broken families and broken hearts,
far more than she could have ever imagined.

Each of their own stories,
filled her eyes with tears.
As she pushed them away,
The glasses spoke to her once more,
"You see, you really don't have it that bad off.
Why do you whimper and cry all day?
These people have broken stories too,
You're not the only one,
Why do you stand there doing nothing?"

But with a feeling of surprise,
she looked closer into their faces.
For, instead of broken expressions,
joy outlined every feature.

The glasses began chuckling.
Yes, they are smiling!
Yes, they are happy.
They have purpose
Because they have hope.

But why are you so upset?
Why do you cry?

Look into your life and feel the

Magic and sunshine
Erase those dark corners
Look at and pull out some life.
Only if you are ungrateful,
do you cry.
You have a lot of blessings from heaven.

So stop crying about what was lost
and embrace what you do
Be grateful for each breath
and stop crying about all you
wish you did.

The girl was filled with remorse
at all the wasted moments,
and time she had lost
spent weeping in bed
and walking around upset.
She realized that life had to be lived!

I woke up with a jolt, a shiver in my mind.

My crumbled bed fanned around me as if no one had
erased my pillow from all the wet tears.
Lost for a moment and wondering: "had I really fallen asleep?"
Only the sound of my breathing could be heard
Darkening my vision as the pain returned. But,
yawning, I decided that misery would no longer follow me.

As I sat up in my bed,
I would remember that I was not the only one
out there broken and in pain
So why not use my moments
to add some sunshine to the air?
Yes, maybe it was just a dream
but the lesson of the purple glasses
would forever be in me.

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