Scream and Shout
Emily, Age 15, Warrenton, VA

                      Sit here surrounded
Drown out the screaming voices
Retreat into your mind
It's do or die, just make the choice

Sing the song of pounding thoughts
Embrace the pain and ease the ache
Donít admit that youíre caught
Just shout out louder

Can't accept can't deny
Twist and bend, but don't fall over
Pick up your shattered heart
Lock it, hide it, no second chance to start

Where are you running to?
You can only retreat for so long
Backed into a wall
Cold hard facts, you don't belong.

Palms of your hands reaching up
Cry the tears release the fears
You might be silently screaming
But I will wipe away the doubt

Twist and bend but you wonít fall over
Iíll hold your shaking hands
I am still calling out
Climb out of the boat. Put your feet on land

Pulling desire yet such a fear
You crave the very thing you push away
So hopeless and alone
But the only remedy is your worst fear

I hope you know how hard this is
But please just trust me
Hope exists past your pain
You can fly, you can be free

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