Can't You See?
Lauren, Age 15, Laytonsville, MD

Look! There goes the busy bee
Doing its task in serenity.
Watch! The beautiful rose
As its lovely petals are exposed.
See! The crystal blue ocean
As it continues its peaceful motion.
Peek at the fragile butterfly
Before its wings bid you good-bye.
Gaze at the sparkling stars in their glory
As they come together to tell their story.
Canít you see the awesome world around you?
Do you not admire the sights before you?
My dear friend you fail to realize
That I was born without eyes
Yet even though my sight fails me
I still enjoy the things around me.
I hear the busy bees' song
As it softly hums along.
I smell the fragrance of the rose
And feel the silky petal exposed.
I feel the sand between my toes
And hear the melody the ocean has composed.
I hear the wings of the butterfly flutter away
Though not a word I say.
As for the stars, I know they are there
Of their stories I am fully aware.
So you see dear friend I am not at a loss
I have learned to live with my cross.
Yet the way I see it, it is not a burden
But a blessing hidden.

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