Visions of Shaggy Pirates Dueling by my Bed
Marisa, Age 14, Las Cruces, NM

                      I gasped, and jumped out of bed
The low ceiling hitting my head.
The window let in points of light
Stars, shining bright in the night.
I blinked, and searched for that sound
That made my eardrums pound.

Then I heard it. A cannon. Boom.
The sound shook up my room.
I threw back the curtains to find
The sea. I must be out of my mind!
I stood on a ship, and to my surprise
The night was filled with sailors' harsh cries.

Then the sound of a sword fight reached my ear
And two huge, shaggy pirates appeared!
Both had smelly, gross beards to their knees
Such a stench! It made me cough, gag and sneeze.
The sound made them both turn towards me
With cruel, wicked grins, so I turned to flee!

I startled, and shot up in bed
Almost hitting my head.
Muted sunlight lit up my face
And warmed me in its embrace.
I sighed. It was only a dream,
But, oh, how real it did seem!

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