Chelsea, Age 16, Estonia

They called her a princess,
their voices filled with contempt;
she had no choice, but to accept.
They mocked her, she willing laid down her rights.
He loved her above all,
she continued to surrender her life.

Her beautiful eyes, full of wonder and hope;
her hair, how lovely upon her shoulders.
Her spirit, like none other.
Her life, more precious than expressed;
her angelic presence, a blessing to many.
But no one knew the degrading plans.
Her being thrived in the life given,
but once was silenced, for how long?

For years she was mistreated,
and denial lurked all around.
She suffered at their hands,
lies told to her face.
No one would help,
she couldn't take it anymore,
when they called her a princess
and shed disgrace.

Worship and honor due to a royal;
He is royal, she is worth gold.
She found Him in the most unlikely place;
He showered her, His most loving grace.
Forever will she stand
in the eyes of the Holy Command.
They called her a princess,
He loved her above all.

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