High-Flying Adventure
Kerstin, Age 10, Walnut, CA

                      I got my daddy’s ladder
And stepped up on the top
I climbed upon the highest roof
Of my parents’ grocery shop.

I spread my arms out wide
For they were big feathery wings
But when I say that to my dad
He thinks I’m imagining things!

I look off up the sky
And get a butterfly feeling
Because I’m up over ten feet high
And that is not counting ceilings.

As I look around
Feeling jittery and scared
A tiny field mouse scampers up to me
Watch out, tiny mouse, beware!

I hold my breath and jump off the roof
Thinking I will fall D
But when I finally opened my eyes
I found the mouse flying around.

I scream and yelp for joy
For I’m finally flying in air
I’m doing something no boy
Or any girl could dare!

We soar across the trees
Feeling the air in my face
I stop in time to hover in the air
To look at a gazelle’s sweet grace!

Suddenly the gazelle slows to a stop
And meets with a toucan and a mop.
The toucan hands her the lifeless thing
So the gazelle accepts
And cried and leapt
For the mop and the gazelle did the swing.

I started to giggle
My mouse followed suit
Then I saw sundown
So I hollered, “Shoot!”

I didn’t want to be late
For my annual dinner feast
If I turn up tardy
I might be getting the least.

I flew across the trees
Past the dancing gazelle
Glancing at the 'set from time to time
It was surprising how fast night fell!

I landed on my doorstep
My field mouse scampering around
I slowly knocked on the door
And there, my dad at the door with my hound.

"Hey daddy," I say, stepping inside.
"Where have you been," my daddy implied.
I whistled to show I hadn't been flying the day
"At the park," I replied, moving out of his way.

My mommy would scream
If she glanced at a mouse.
That's exactly what she did when she saw
My mouse hiding inside the house.

She jumped on the table
And ran and ran
She broke all the vases
That my brother Tommy would've can.

I smiled, then grinned when I saw outside
I looked at my mouse
He beamed with pride.
That's one of the reasons I like to fly:
I can get out of any reason, any time.

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