The Big Move
Erin, Age 10, Natchitoches, LA

I was playing happily, forgetting about my worries, when a big truck
pulled in front of my house. My family started packing their things and
moving into the car. I asked repeatedly, "Why is the truck taking our stuff?"
and they finally replied, "We're moving." My dad had got a new job, and we
were leaving my home.

Our house was, or I should say our "new" house was, small, and we were
in a quiet and motionless neighborhood. Nothing was quite unique, and our
grass and flowers were just plain. No neighbors came to greet us, and we
were just bored! Now, how was my first day of school going to start out?

The new school was amazing! It had this big playground that was
bigger than my house, and it looked so decorative!

The inside was a different story. The floor was white and blue, and the walls were somewhat gray.

Everyone thought I was awkward, and only one person spoke to me. "Get
out of my way!" Would I ever get a friend?

When I got home, my mom was just leaving. "Mom, where are you
going?" "I'll be right back." she replied. Mothers always say that. Thirty
minutes later, I was in my own wonderland when Mom came in with this
huge cage. "What the ... " I said curiously. Then, I saw a fluffy face with
golden eyes staring at me. It was a cat! A new pet for me! I gathered my new
cat into my arms. My cat and I played all day. I loved him so much and we
decided to name him Milo.

Everything turned out great! Neighbors finally came to greet us,
people were offering to be my friend, and Milo was my new pet! Maybe
moving isn't so bad after all.

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