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Kate Klimo. The Dragon in the Driveway (Dragon Keepers, Book II)
Random House Children's Books $18.95 ISBN 978-0-375-85589-4 165 pg. Reviewed by Anastasia, Age 11

The main character is brown eyed, shaggy haired Jesse, and his middle name is Tiger. He lives with his cousin Daisy, his uncle Joe and his aunt Maggie. He didn't want to be traveling all the time with his parents. In the first book Jesse and Daisy hatch a dragon from an egg and name it Emerald (Emmy for short). They also have a very close escape from St. George the Dragon Slayer, who wants to kill Emmy. In this book St. George is bulldozing the forest and making plans to get Emmy. Will Jesse and Daisy be able to still keep Emmy safe?

I liked the book The Dragon in the Driveway because it is a bit of a cliffhanger. Itís a mystery about whatís going to be in the big, magical book, so I really hope there's a third book. I also liked the book because it was hard to put down, especially at the end when Jesse and Daisy get stuck in the tunnel. Thirdly, I liked the beginning because it starts with Jesse sending a fairly boring email to his parents and then Jesse telling the real version, which is way more exciting. Lastly, I liked how there are pictures at the beginning of every chapter, like Emmy going down the stairs through the door in the ground or her royal lowness sitting in the ball of roots.

Ever since she found a certain rock in the sock drawer of one of her sons many years ago, Kate Klimo has been wanting to write stories about a dragon that hatches from a geode stone. Now that her sons are all grown up, she is happy that she has time to do that.

I give The Dragon in the Driveway a four star rating! I think this book is suitable for ages 8-12.



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