Angela, Age 15, Ashburn, VA

I love you but enough is enough. What I had hoped for you and I didnít turn out the way I would have liked. You were my everything, all I ever wanted. You fulfilled a place in my heart I didnít know existed. I stuck by your side through it all. You found me and taught me so much. But after a while sorry isnít good enough. Your actions speak louder than words. Waiting around for your calls just got old after a while. I want so desperately to believe your lies, but I just can't. I love you more then anything, but all good things have their times. I just can't take your disappointment anymore. And as my tears fall on the page, I can't help but remember all our good times. You have no idea how much I donít want to say goodbye, but I can't wait around for a Prince Charming thatís never going to come.

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