Annamarie, Age 14, Harrisburg, VA


The walls are like bars of a jail cell.
I feel like a caged bird being mocked by the ever green grass and gentle breeze that seeps through the cracks of this house.
Awaiting the day I may escape and fly free.

Misery screams from the dull gray walls.
Nothing ever shines or glistens like the ocean.
The rain outside the window pane tempts me with freedom
Almost screaming at me to leave my imprisonment.

I gaze at the rain drop dripping down the smooth clear glass of my window as it glides past each of its surrounding water droplets that try and capture it on its journey off the window and onto the solid earth.
But it keeps going almost as if it's determined to escape the tormenting of others.

Now it is free.
Free to do as it pleases and to go where it wants
I take one last glimpse at the rain drop wishing that the freed dew drop was me.

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