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James Dashner. The Maze Runner
Delacorte Press $21.00 ISBN 978-0-385-73794-4 376 pg.
Reviewed by Koryn, Age 12

Thomas awoke to a weak, lifeless light. His first thought was that he must’ve gotten up earlier than usual, that dawn was still an hour away. But then he heard the shouts. And then he looked up, through the leafy canopy of branches.

The sky was a dull slab of gray--not the natural pale light of morning.

He jumped to his feet, put his hand on the wall to steady himself as he craned his neck to gawk toward the heavens. There was no blue, no black, no stars, no purplish fan of creeping dawn. The sky, every last inch of it, was slate gray. Colorless and dead.

Welcome to The Glade. Every thirty days for the past two years a new boy has been delivered in “the box” and welcomed to The Glade. The Glade is in the center of the maze--a maze that all the Gladers believe holds the way out. Every night, the gates close to the maze, and the maze itself changes. When Thomas arrives in the box, everything is about to change--not just the maze.

I loved The Maze Runner. It was original and interesting, with a very unique plot. I did not realize there was going to be a second book, so at first I found the ending a bit unsatisfactory. James Dashner was most likely writing this book for boys, but I am certain that many girls will enjoy The Maze Runner as well. I loved the description in this book; it made the book come alive for me. James Dashner was born in Georgia, but now lives in Utah. He is also the author of the 13th Reality series. The Maze Runner is suitable for ages 12 and up.

I give The Maze Runner four stars.




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