Jack, Age 10, Natchitoches, LA

One time my mom saw a nice brick home for sale, so she bought it. I didnít want to move because I didnít want to leave Woody behind. Woody is a tree that got struck by lightning in every storm.

We started to move in and I still didnít want to because there were spiders everywhere! It scared the living daylights out of my mom when she saw five big ones crawling across the floor!
It was also real cold at night because there were no windows. The old owners took them with them when they moved. We slept on the floor because we had no furniture yet and it was hard. In the morning I said I wanted to go to my real home. We argued for about a minute and Mom finally said this is your real home.

I had really started to like the new place until I saw our old trailer home going down the road hooked to a truck. It made me sad, but I soon got over it.

Now, I like the new house better because I have my own room. My room is white but I have lots of posters of sports, comics and other funny things. In the new house I also have more room outside and a hill to roll down.

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