Carli, Age 10, Natchitoches, LA

When I was little, around three or four, I would always listen to my parents' conversations. One time I heard we were moving! I would miss my small, brick, house. I went to listen some more, and heard about a huge, nice, swimming pool! I ran to my yellow room excited. Then I heard knocking on the door.

It was my parents telling me we were moving. They brought in big, brown, cardboard boxes. They told me to start packing while they moved my furniture. When I had almost packed everything, they had all my new furniture out of my room. I was going to miss my old house. We packed everything in the car and we were gone.

After we sold our house we went to a storage garage. We put everything in there, except some of our clothes. We had to go stay with my Nannie for a couple of months. Her house is really old and big. I had to stay in the playroom, because my sister got the guest room. My baby brother got the big bed with my parents, so I was stuck with the playroom.

After a couple of months passed, I heard our house was getting bricked and we had about one week left. I really wanted to move into my new house because it was summer, near my birthday, and there was a pool. The pool was also one reason we couldn't move in. I was getting ready for it to be turned on, but they had to make the bottom of the pool.

It was close to my friend's slumber party, and my house was almost done. I didn't want to miss my friend's party for the house. I got to go to the birthday party. When I came home our house was ready. It was a big, beautiful, house. I loved it so much. We went to get our items, got our furniture, got our clothes, and we were moved in!

After a week I got used to the house, and loved the upstairs. I had my birthday at the house. All my friends thought it was a cool house. I had a swimming and slumber party. I still live in the house and hope to live here a long, long time!

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