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Linda Granfield. Out Of Slavery
Tundra Books $17.99 ISBN 978-0-88776-915-3 40 pg.
Reviewed By An-Mei, Age 12

A sad but true coda to John Newton’s story is that today, around the world, millions of people are still illegally enslaved by those more powerful than they. The weak, the young, the poor, and the uneducated are still kidnapped or sold into slavery. The cries of pain and fear heard long ago from the slave ships echo still.

John Newton was a slave trader in the mid seventeen hundreds. During his career as a slave trader John Newton bought and sold hundreds of slaves. This was seen as a legitimate business. When John was thirty-nine he became the curate of a church in England. He wrote the hymn “Amazing Grace.”

I loved reading this book and looking through the illustrations. Out Of Slavery’s illustrator, Janet Wilson, has clearly read this book many times, as her paintings could almost tell this story by themselves. The front cover peaks your interest by showing you a cotton plantation. This book is for older readers, as it’s a long non-fiction/picture book with a mature topic. Linda Granfield has written many other non-fiction books, and has won a few awards for her books. If you want more information on her, check out

I give Out of Slavery five stars.




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