The Pink Shuttle in My Backyard
Trina, Age 14, Durham, NC

One early, bright morning I heard my mom call as she was leaving for work: “Don’t stay in bed too long. Your friends are coming over, and I’ll be home by 5:00.” So I jumped out of bed and put my clothes on and ran downstairs as my mom closed and locked the door. I went and made breakfast and watched TV. A few hours later it was 12:00 clock and I heard a knock on the door. It was my friend Emily. I let her in and we went upstairs.
I pulled down the stairs to the attic and we went up. We started to look through some old things my mom was not using. While we were looking through some boxes, we found old clothes, wigs and dresses. But over in the corner we found a book. On the cover it said “The big pink shuttle in my back yard.”
I opened the book and read the first page. "After you read this you will have an adventure beyond your wildest dreams." I looked at my friend and she looked at me and we started to go crazy.
After a while we started to look in more boxes. Then all of a sudden we heard a big boom. It shook the ground like an earthquake.

We ran downstairs and out the back door, and in my back yard was a big pink shuttle the size of a building.

The only thing I could say was NO! The shuttle had landed on top of my mom’s flower bed. How was I suppose to explain this? I started to freak out, but when I looked at Emily she had her mouth wide open and the only thing she said was WOW.

She grabbed hold of my hand and said, “Let's go in.”
I looked at her like she was going crazy. “Are you mad? A pink shuttle just landed in my backyard from who knows where. Plus it landed on my mom’s flowers, and you want to go in. How am I going to explain that?”

She wasn’t listening to me. The only thing Emily did was drag me into the shuttle. When we got to the door and opened it, there was a big green dragon sleeping and fire blowing out of his nose.

I turned to Emily and said, “Now look, how are we going to get in now?” Then Emily stepped over the dragon’s tail and walked up the stairs. I ran after her. When we walked up the stairs there were rooms on every hall. We went into one room that was full of trampolines. We looked at each other and smiled. Emily shouted, “Last one on the trampoline is a big green dragon.” We ran and started to jump for almost an hour. Then we got hungry and went to a room full of food. We ate till we could not move. Then we got sleepy and found a room full of big soft beds and slept for a long time.
When we woke up it was five minutes to 5:00. I woke Emily up and told her we had to leave. My mom was coming home at 5:00, so we ran out of the room and downstairs and jumped over the dragon, and as soon as we were out of the shuttle, it stared to float away. Then we heard a voice say, "Didn’t the book say you’d have an adventure?!" Then the shuttle disappeared. So we ran in to the house and just as we set down and turned on the TV, my mom came in the door. She asked, "So what did you girls do today?" Emily and I just looked at each other and smiled. Well, what would you tell your mom if you spent your day in a big pink shuttle in your backyard?

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