Love at First Website
Katie, Age 15, Leesburg, VA

It’s absolutely mind boggling to me that people find love over the Internet these days, no offense to anyone who has. It’s just that I could never do that. But for my mom and her new husband, it was love at first website. It was two years ago when my mom went on in hopes of finding love, and surprisingly enough after a few months, she did. Of course there were other men here and there she met with, but Rick was different.

I remember the first time he came over to the house, on their first date. He came inside the doorway. I said hello and left. I wasn’t a huge supporter of my mom's new way of love. I stayed in my room the whole time he was there, and when he left, I came out again into my territory.

“How did it go, Mom?” I asked her.

“It was great!” she said exuberantly.

“What did you guys do?” I asked again.

“We played the piano and the violin together,” she said with a smile. I thought my mom was crazy; she was telling me she had found the one after one little music session! Personally, I never thought it would last, never ever. But soon enough, they were engaged. My mom has six children, and about thirty piano students. She is always busy, but somehow she put together her whole wedding herself. Ordering food, dresses, invitations, entertainment for the reception, and this past January, she and Rick got married.

It was a good day, especially for my mom. She was so happy, and even though I thought she would freak out, she was surprisingly calm about it all. The reception was at our new house, where all of our friends and family ate, drank, and danced in celebration for our new family! It truly was a perfect wedding.

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