On the Way Home
Garrett, Age 11, Kitimat, BC

One day, my way home from school I decided to take a different way. My new route went by a haunted mansion. It looked so cool. It was all black and it had a blood stained door. It was all round and creaky with a lot of broken windows. I looked a little closer then I heard a noise so I jumped back. I dropped my backpack on the street.

I walked up to the haunted mansion and the door opened all by itself. As I jumped back from it I fell though a trap door. I saw a big dog that was a statue. I ran by it then I ran into a door face first. When I opened it I heard a noise coming from the upstairs. I tiptoed up the stairs to see what the noise was. I saw a zombie waking around so I said "Hey you!"

The zombie look at me and chased me all the way downstairs. The statue woke up and cast a spell on the zombie, then it went back to sleep. I went back upstairs to see a tombstone that had a sword on it. I ran to the sword and started to destroy it. When I heard more noises, I ran to the door and got out of the house.

I ran to my own house and called the police but the police did not believe me. So now I walk home the old way.

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