Jennifer, Age 14, Richmond, BC

I sat near the window
listening to the rain fall,
making the sounds
of rocks against a wall.

I saw a box of puppies
sitting all alone,
with a sign in front
saying 'please take me home!'

There were four little puppies
about the size of my hand,
huddled against each other
covered with dirt and sand.

The box was all wet
and ready to break,
I thought to myself
it's only for their sake.

So I walked to the door
with a big new box,
walked up to the puppies
and they nibbled at my socks.

They all cuddled up
to have a nice big sleep
I figured that they
hadn't had one in a week.

I quietly took them inside
and placed them on the ground.
They were all still sleeping
and made not a sound.

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