The Mansion
Cory, Age 11, Kitimat, BC

I was on my way home from school and decided to take a different way. My new way took me past an ugly, gruesome mansion. The windows were all broken and there was a crack in the door. At least, I think it was a crack. I thought it looked like a disgusting and horrible place.

I said to myself it would be scary to go up and knock. It looked haunted so I wanted to run. But it also looked kind of cool so I went to the door step. I knocked at the door. A trap door opened and swallowed me. Now I was in the house but it looked very scary so I ran around in a circle. I stopped and saw a skeleton hanging from a vine and a stair case that led me to a living room. I was very quiet because I saw a ghost sitting on a chair. When I went past the ghost I saw the door, I ran to it and it was open. I opened it and I saw light from the sun.

I ran as fast as I could so I could get out of the yard and I did. I ran home and told no one about the house. I went there the next day and it was gone so I went home and never went that way again.

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