The Play and the Old Mansion
Michael, Age 11, Kitimat, BC

One day on my way from school I decided to take a different route home. It took me past a spooky mansion . I saw some creepy trees and some slimy mould crawling up the walls. Its windows were cracked and the doors were rusted. The thing looked like it was 1000 years old and looked like it was about to fall over at any second.

Suddenly out popped Dirk, the biggest meanest kid in school. He said that I had to go to the mansion and steal the mail or he would pound me. So I went but the fog was so dense I could hardly see where I was going. The ground was so swampy it was leaking into my shoes. Luckily I found the mailbox . I opened the mailbox and suddenly the ground under me caved in, and I was falling ... I was out cold when I hit the ground .

I got up and saw a red room surrounding me red, red , and more red . It was around dinner time I was very hungry .Then I saw a cup of red juice, I drank it. The drink was salty. Suddenly my body was melting hot then icy cold, boom I was knocked out. When I awoke I was in a room that was colored all black. I went to look for an exit I stumbled out a window.....

"CUT!!!" yelled the director. He told me I didnít get the part. Oh well better luck next time. On my way home I looked at the house across the street, for the first time I noticed it was an old mansion!

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