What's Worse Than Late? (Part 2)
Gabrielle, Age 12, Salmon Arm, BC

Melissa sank to the floor. This couldn't be happening! It wasn't fair! Why her?! She remembered the last thing she had told her mom. How could she be so mean?! So rude?! She wanted to cry, but not in front if Mr. Kassel. She wondered where she would say.

"Where will I..." she started to ask, steadying her voice.

"Your Aunt's house, until we get further notice, Melissa, you probably don't want to go back to class, we have phoned your Aunt and she is quite prepared to get you. In fact," he looked at his watch, "she should be here right now!" 

Melissa heard squealing tires outside and waddled over to the window. Her Aunt was there, with the two twin babies she had, and slammed the door to her old beaten up red dump truck. She put a tissue to her face, then started up the steps to the school.

Mr. Kassel invited Aunt Jacky in, who ran to Melissa and hugged her.

"It's gonna be alright! " she whispered. Alright...

Melissa's face was drenched with the sudden downpour of tears. She looked at her watch. It gleamed out 2:35. This wasn't happening, she thought. She was in her own bed, it was all a dream... she pinched herself. Stop crying! She demanded in her head. She was in the basement of her Aunt's house. She wasn't dreaming. Everything was not going to be alright. It was horrible. She went up the stairs and headed to the kitchen.

"Where do you think you're going?" she heard a voice behind her. "To the kitchen... I was just getting something to eat!" Melissa stammered as she turned around. 

Her Aunt led her to the kitchen and sat her down in the chair.

"Melissa, in this house we have rules. I don't care if you didn't, we do. I know you weren't aware of these rules, but next time you're grounded!"

"OK! Gee...." Melissa said under her breath. Not soft enough though, because Her aunt Jacky went close to her.

"Did you say something?" she asked.

"No, I didn't!" Melissa said sarcastically. 

Jacky slapped Melissa on the face twice.

"Don't speak back! And don't tell anyone I hit you! I have rules, and you're grounded! Go downstairs! No friends for you!

And that was how Melissa started her horrible new life.

To Be Continued....

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