The Beast of Mexico
Breyden, Age 15, Kelowna, BC

Chapter One

Mexico is the Spanish state of America. Many vacationers are drawn to its beaches, large cities, hotels and many other things. It also has a diverse ecosystem in various places. It has many types of things that fly……..and now perhaps something chilling. A police officer reported being attacked……by a large humanoid creature. Described as having large eyes, arms and unusual hands…and most disturbingly, it seems, wearing some type of cape or suit. It is wingless. Many others reported similar creatures that have an exact same attribute to this creature: it is actually gliding through the air hundreds of feet above them. They are called Unidentified Flying Humanoids.
Seventeen-year-old Baillie Ackerman was visiting her cousin down in Mexico, expecting to have a great time, almost like visiting a best friend. What they ultimately encountered was anything but regular.

“Hey Baillie, how you’re doing?”

Baillie was tall and thin with red brown hair. She also had dark brown eyes and was wearing a green t-shirt and white shorts. Her cousin, Nicky, was thin, slightly shorter than she was, except she has long black hair with very dark eyes. Also, when she sang, it sounded something like you'd expect from a flute.

“Hi Nicky, everything’s great.  How’re doing?”

“Good, I broke up with my boyfriend a couple of months ago, but at least I can be with my other friends.”

They really wanted to go camping outside in their backyard. So they did. However, gliding above them was something else entirely…..not human….not of earth, but something altogether deadly and menacing.

Chapter Two

After they got changed into their pyjamas, they were telling each other about their friends and what they did recently. Baillie told her that she went hiking and was very exciting. Nicky told her that she went surf boarding and how thrilling it was. As they were about to go into the tent, Nicky thought she saw something glide into the bushes. Suddenly, a shape came out from the bushes and both of them were terrified of what they saw. This creature that came out of the bushes was nearly six feet tall. It had a face with cold black eyes that were elongated, also the skin color was different…it was light brownish pinkish in a way. Its fingers were like a sausages nearly a foot long and it had a thin lipped mouth. It had a black cloak around its body, but they could tell it was curious in a way. It made these sounds that were mechanical in a way. It then raised its arms, and just as it was floating into the air…..its expression turned from curious to aggressive. Suddenly, the girls took off towards the tent and hid in there. The atmosphere was now turning into extreme suspense. It was floating above their tent, four feet above it, and it was circling it. The girls clammed down and settled in for the night. As they slept, the memory of that creature’s face gave them terrible thoughts, almost nightmares. However, those nightmares were going to become true… a few minutes from now. This time, the creature had returned to the area…but it didn’t actually return…it was simply waiting on the rooftop. Waiting……waiting…waiting.

Chapter Three

As the girls awoke, Baillie said: “Is it gone?”

“I don’t know…..but I don’t want to know.”

“Well I’m going to check, stay right here and I’ll be back.”


As she walking through the darkness, she heard strange noises coming from the bushes. Then, she saw it and ran back into the tent. She told Nicky that she saw it in the bushes. Waiting….waiting….SURPRISE. The creature’s hand went right through the tent and began trying to pull the girls out of the tent. Finally, the creature gave up and as the girls peeked out of the tent, it glided into the night sky. The memory of this creature will certainly give the girls something incredible to thing about….and it is also something they’ll never forget.

Chapter Four

Surprisingly, they made numerous attempts to find the creature, but they were unsuccessful. As they delved into reported flying humanoids, they realized this creature had something about it which frightened them. That something was that this creature showed aggressive behavior to humans. Why it did that is still a mystery for the two. Sightings of unidentified humanoids gliding through the air without wings are still a mystery. So we’re left to wonder: Does it live among us?

The End

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