Mr. Bell
Colin, Age 16, Oak Park, IL

What can one scene do for you?

This scene has really done more for me than I could imagine. It has made me like this class a lot more than I did and also I got a closer relationship with Mr. Bell, more than I would have if I worked with a group of students. It also opened new doors for me because before I would have never thought I could play the huge role of Othello. Playing the role of Othello also made me realize I could now tackle things as big as this in the future. This was in many ways an eye-opening project.

With Othello, I did not see him to be a black man at all like he was portrayed in the movie. I saw him to be a huge white man with a white goatee and with a lot of medals from the wars he has been in. With Iago I saw him to be a short mediocre strong man with a huge scar down the side of his face. I also saw him to have a little hunch in his back because I think more scary and sneaky people have humps in their backs. With the scene Mr. Bell and myself performed we could have portrayed Iago to be a little bit more conniving looking. We could have achieved this by making him more hunched over and have him pacing back and forth more often.

In the scene I was thinking of it to be at a large hallway in a library or large home. With this I felt like in the beginning scene when I entered he could have seen me coming more easily and it would have been a better entrance. Also if it were in a big hallway there would have been a large echo which would have been ideal for the first yelling part of the scene.

But I also think that the audience received a lot from this scene. I think it pretty much set the tone for the rest of the play so we had to be on our game, and we did just that. With Mr. Bell as Iago they get to see Iago as more of a deceitful liar than in any other part. Having Mr. Bell play that part, he made Iago a better character and also made it harder for me to play off of him because Mr. Bell knew Iago very well and I barely knew Othello. He twists Othello’s mind up into such mush and basically gets him to do what he wants and the audience knows this because of his begging scene and also his facial expressions as my back is turned to him while talking. Also they received the many emotions Othello was feeling during the whole scene. Othello entered feeling depressed and sad, then quickly turned to rage and hate, then at the end he turned to Iago asking for friendship and for him to be his lieutenant.

With this scene I often wish I could just play it one more time. I know I muffed a couple of lines and I also know those lines very well. I also wish I would have slowed down when I was talking because I sounded like an idiot when I watched it again. I even messed up my favorite scene where I get so angry and push Iago into a wall and say, “If thou dost slander her…” I know I know those lines, and that’s what I would do differently.

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