Dark Confusion
Taylor, Age 13, Shanghai, China

As I am swimming,
I suddenly become weak,
And I am struggling to even stay afloat.
I am in a huge sea of confusion.
The more confused I get,
The bigger the chance of sinking farther down into the dark,
Cold water.
Never to surface again.
To find myself surrounded by it.
Confusion is a dark, stormy sea;
Waiting to swallow anything weak enough
To drown in its icy waters.
Confusion is my worst nightmare,
All dark and scary.
In it, all sorts of things are chasing me,
Waiting to gobble me up for their supper.
I can never find a way out.
Not unless someone saves me
By shaking me awake.
Confusion is a scary thought,
Haunting you forever.
I will always be scared of this thought.
It will always chase after me in my life.
Confusion is not a nice friend.

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