The Beast of Florida
Breyden, Age 15, Kelowna, BC

Chapter One
Florida is one of those want-to-get-away destinations with white sandy beaches and beautiful blue waters. It has also has a unique ecosystem, a variety of reptiles, birds mammals……and perhaps a slithering menace. Ever since Hurricane Andrew hit the Florida coastlines, hundreds of young exotic snakes have escaped into the wild. It’s becoming a hazard. In 2004, a cat was swallowed alive by a large Burmese python in a residential neighborhood. Then, a photograph surfaced, showing a 13 foot Burmese python swallowing a 10 foot alligator. That raises a terrifying question: What if these snakes grow to monstrous proportions? Lily Henderson was spending the winter break in Florida with her family. What she ultimately encountered was disturbing and more gruesome than anticipated.
Lily was 13 years old, 5 foot 6, with white skin and black opal eyes and black hair. She was wearing pink shorts and a red Hollister t-shirt. She was visiting with her mom and dad in a tropical “heaven,” as she called it. When they heard on the news in their cabin about reports of large snakes moving into residential areas, Lily was upset.  Lily had a bad case of snake phobia and was very terrified of snakes. Just the word snake made her skin slither. The hissing she could not handle. She was glad the news was turned off. Her parent kissed her goodnight and they too went to bed. Earlier, they set up motion video cameras as Lily still had a case of sleep walking. While they were sleeping, something huge slithered on by the cameras. Suddenly, a dog’s yelping could be heard in the distance… was almost as if something was actually killing it. Whatever killed the dog was off-screen, and it slithered on by quietly. The loud hissing is heard in the background. It slithered on by the cameras….and knocked one of them down.

Chapter Two

Lily was heading to her one of her friends' house. Her friend's name was Katie and she almost looked like her, except she had red eyes and usually wore red and white. As her mother waved goodbye, she received a phone call from her husband telling her something happened there. When she got back to the cabin, she could see something large had slithered through there. They could see no sign of the dog and the neighbors were very frustrated and upset. Also, her husband found that one of the cameras had been tipped over. Suddenly, they all heard a hissing sound and out came this gigantic snake. Its size was huge, nearly 59 feet in length. It looked like an overgrown python with teeth about nine inches long and a pair of jaws as long as a small log. Its color was greenish-brownish with brown spots. Suddenly, a screaming sound came from behind. It was Lily and Katie standing close together and trembling.

Chapter Three

It was already 5:00 o’clock and was getting dark out. The family previously got the girls inside. They calmed them down and assured them that it wouldn't come back. Already confident, Lily and Katie decided to camp out. The tent was already complete and they checked to see if the snake was there. It was not and they already felt happy. They were telling funny jokes to each other, laughing and, of course, taking pictures. Then it was time to go to sleep. As they rested, it re-appeared in the backyard. The creature was obviously looking for something when it spotted the tent. Curiously, it opened the flap door of the tent. As it hissed, Lily was twitching from the tongue it was feeling her with. She felt a sudden atmosphere of dread and a voice saying, “Wake up!” As she opened her eyes…….she was staring at it in the eyes. She screamed, waking up Katie, who also screamed…..they were so scared they felt they had to get out of there. Lily was about to run with blood full of adrenaline, but was caught in the creature's jaws. She yelped in pain and she felt a few coils going around her. Katie ran into the house and called out to her parents, “911, 911!” Lily’s mother saw the gruesome sight and her father immediately called the ambulance. Soon after, the ambulance arrived and policemen darted the creature. It was apparently tired out and Lily was immediately taken to hospital, where she stayed for two weeks.

Let’s hope for the best.

Chapter Four

Two weeks later, Lily was back on her feet again. Katie and Lily had many adventures together, but this was not something they would want to encounter again. Four weeks afterwards, there were still reports of large snakes being encountered, but the giant python the family encountered was never found. Although, strange hissing noises have been heard since they left… remains a mystery and hopefully a horror no one else will experience. Though stories of people encountering giant snakes are found mainly in South America.  They family still wonders about one question: Are these legends moving into your backyard? That’s a chilling question, but this sighting leaves us all to wonder:

Does it live among us?

The End

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