Greed of a Society
Ian, Age 16, Oak Park, IL

a feeling of consumption,
the lust for absorbing all,
the never ending hunger for material items,
leaving nothing but corruption in its wake.
It takes on many forms,
power presented to leaders and politicians,
money to a wealthy man,
greed is abundant,
and yet it still grows with every day.
People under its control are like pigs,
constantly craving more,
like a piggy bank it accumulates,
forever growing with no sign to stop,
no limit to be reached.
It corrupts all it comes in to contact,
seducing them with material things,
luring them into a trap,
like a helpless mouse scurrying from an owl in flight,
knowing there is no visible escape.
The suffering it causes,
the lives it consumes,
all for no significant purpose,
people forever wishing and praying for the exile of Greed,
yet still na´ve of one major factů
Greed will never cease to existů

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