Humiliation at Camp
Joseph, Age 11, Quezon City, Philippines

Last April 12, 2010, we had Camp and it was my most humiliating experience.

First, we made a cheer for our team. When it was performing time, I forgot what I was supposed to say and I screwed it up. My classmates and teachers laughed.

Next, we played a blindfold game. When we were looking for the flag, I accidentally hit my head on the pole. My group mates laughed at me even though it was not funny.

Then, we made a short skit for our team leader and we screwed it up because of Assi, a teammate. He read the wrong thing at the back of the letter we wrote.

The next day, our team didn't get any award because of me!

Good thing, it was time to go home because my group mates might have laughed at me.

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