Hunting Isn't THAT Bad
Samuel, Age 9, Houston, TX

Boom! Hunting isnít that bad because it is fun and safe. Hunting is also good because it helps you relax and helps provide food. It is so exciting and even helps overpopulation of animals. Now let me explain what this means.

You can enjoy nature and relax while hunting. You can see all the plants and animals. It is very pretty. Take a deep breath and smell the fresh air!

You should try wild game meat. It is very good food. It cuts down your outrageous grocery bills! You can get meat that is lean with not as much fat. You donít get as fat by eating this perfect meat!

Hunting is very fun and exciting. When you shoot an animal, it is just like a video game because it is thrilling. With hunting, when the game is over you get to take your mounted trophy home.

Hunting does serve another purpose. It stops overpopulation of animals. If hunting werenít around, lots of bad things could happen. Your plants could die because of the poo and over fertilizing. It would stink too! Overpopulation would cause the animals to eat all the plants and the flowers. If people didnít hunt, there would be animals in your backyard and bears could be in your trees!

I hope I have convinced you that hunting isnít that bad.

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