Scuba-Diving Discovery
Margaret, Age 12, Barrie, ON

One summer morning when the blooming lilac bushes and the sunís stifling orange haze fog up your lungs in a pleasant summery way, Andie Rummols was staring down at the crystal clear and diamond glazed aqua marine sea surface minutes away from her sophisticated New Zealand cottage. She had a look of fear and excitement on her face, as she thought of exploring the vast and vibrant waters.
Finally, before she could debate further with herself, she rummaged around in her scuba- diving gear bag and managed to slip on the tubes that would be fastened to her chest. Then, when she had finished gearing, she dove down into the water, cutting smoothly through the gentle aqua surface. As Andie opened her eyes, she was welcomed by truly nautical surroundings. Gleeful, illusive bubbles rose around her like a sparkling fountain, and fish in neon stripes scurried and frolicked around her, gleaming blurs in a vast blue sea. Coral rocks  spilled out of sand and rock crevices, and delicate flowers wavered in the ocean ripples. It seemed as if the ocean had hidden its truly ostentatious beauty behind an opaque cloak in a discreet manner, and then unveiled it, brandishing its beauty to any seeker of this magical realm.
Andie propelled her arms through the water, and slowly sailed through the calm, undisturbed ocean. She smiled blissfully, glad to be a guest of a scene so naturally pretentious. Then, as she dove further down into the water, her eye caught sight of a silvery gleam inside of a pinkish seashell. So, intrigued, she dove down further still. Andie came upon the mysterious object, and then picked it up and opened her hand. She revealed a rusty silver locket necklace. Somehow it seemed familiar to her. She opened the rustic locker with force, and saw a small, tattered photo of what appeared to be a girl of a few years older than thirteen, thirteen being Andieís age.
Andie squinted closer at the ancient photo. The face was so overwhelmingly familiar, if only she could see it more clearly.......and then, Andie was practically slapped in the face with shock, and a revelation that should have been obvious. It was Andieís cousin Annaís photo! Andie had barely known Anna, for she died young, at the age of sixteen. She had died in this very ocean, while on a friendís boat. Her friend managed to get Anna out of the water, but it was too late, Anna had drowned. Annaís necklace had sunk through the ocean all the way down here to the sandy sea floor........
Suddenly, with a pang of sorrow and a look of immense sadness on her face, Andie shot upwards, and propelled with all her might up to the surface, finally breaking free. She swam to shore and sat down on the beach, gasping. Then, Andie took out the photo and read the smudged scrawled  handwriting on the back: "Thatís me!  Anna,  2008!"
"So it really was Annaís necklace!" thought Andie. A hot tear rolled down her cheek and the warm breeze ruffled her curly black hair, almost comfortingly. Then, she sat up, clasping the necklace in her palm, and set off along the horizon, holding the secret of her scuba-diving discovery tightly within her heart.


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