The Box Surprise
Auriane, Age 10, Cameroon, West Africa

It was a fresh morning on October 12, 2012. I was at school with my friends
Walid, Lea, Rinma, Jordan, Juul, Ona, and Ghadir. We were learning about jungle animals when strangely a large black box with twelce holes arrived. All the class and our teacher were surprised that the box was only delivered to our class. On the box it said, “DANGER LIVE ANIMALS!!!!!!” The teacher said, “We will not open this box.”

But since Walid thought he was very strong, he opened the box and BOOM!!! BOOM!! The box blasted open and plenty of animals jumped out. I saw brown monkeys all over the room and cobras everywhere. We were very lucky that the door was closed because the animals would get out and there would be a zoo outside. But there was a big problem: the class was turning into a jungle. The desks were turned into
baboons, and the teacher’s desk was turned into a blue clear lake that shined. But suddenly everything came back to normal.

Lea closed the box, but there were still some animals everywhere. So since Jordan likes snakes, he brought then back. Walid and I took the monkeys back to the box. Rinma and Ghadir took the ants. After that, the class quickly went back to their desks, and all said, “NEVER OPEN SOMETHING THAT SAY DANGER!!!”

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