Captain Jack
Hector, Age 14, Donald, OR

It was early October when Captain Henry Jack woke up. He and his men were scouting in the deep forest of the Amazon located in Brazil. "It's easy to get lost here, boys," said Captain Jack. They were a group of fifteen men, most of them were privates. The team was in a jungle surrounded with dangerous and deadly creatures. The captain and his men were looking for dangerous groups of killer drug dealers that hide beneath the forest of the Amazon jungle. The captain and his men were confident that they were going to find the drug dealers. The captain told the men to split into groups of three and stay close. While the captain led the group, the men stayed low for camouflage. The captain stopped and quickly laid low. The men copied the captain and heard men talking a few meters away. The captain and his men sneaked up on the talking men. The captain ordered his men to attack them so the men got closer to the drug dealers. They jumped out and attacked them. The soldiers stripped the weapons away from the drug dealers. The captain got up--then, all of the sudden, a drug dealer started shooting at the men.

Everybody ducked. The captain saw one of his men wounded. He went closer to the soldier while the others started shooting. The soldier said, "Tell my family I love them."

A few moments later he died of a gunshot wound. The captain scurried for cover. He and three other men got separated from the whole group. Captain Jack didn't panic; he told his men to stay calm while he located the other men on his radio. After a while he couldn't get any signal. He started to look around for any drug dealers still lurking around.

The captain then headed west of the jungle to find their forts. It was about four miles away from where they were. The captain started walking west; he heard lots of bird and monkey noises. It was very wet and warm. The captain and his men had a good sense of hearing and sight, looking around for dangerous people and animals. The captain and his men took a small break. They noticed a small furry snake above a tree near them, but the captain noticed it had no mouth. It was a tail! The men looked around the tree and noticed it was a big black panther. The panther got scared and showed its canines. The men got scared and started running. The panther chased them. The captain told the men to hide. The panther looked around, smelling the soldiers. The soldiers were very quiet. The panther left because it couldn't find the soldiers.

The captain told his men to start walking. For several minutes they walked until they saw more drug dealers, but this time there were more. The captain ordered his men to sneak by them. Very silently they crawled, but a guard noticed them so the soldiers got up and started running. They got very tired after a while because of all the stuff they were carrying, so they got cover and started shooting the drug dealers. The drug dealers started shooting back, but quickly were losing men because they were in an open area. The drug dealers started calling in for backup, but the backup said they wouldn't arrive in time, so the drug dealers retreated. The captain was hit in the leg. His soldiers carried him for a few minutes. Later they reached their destination. The soldiers quickly took the captain to a doctor, who said he would fully recover in two weeks.

Captain Jack thanked his soldiers for saving his life. Those three soldiers all got medals of honor.

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