Dog's Life
Zac, Age 14, Edmonton, AB

My name is Doug. I am a dog and I live in a small, red, barn-like doghouse. My owners are Mr. and Mrs. Weller; they also have a daughter named Susan. I was named after their grandfather. I am their first and only pet, so I am very happy to be theirs. Another thing that is very fun about where I live is that my brothers and sisters live on either side of me. I have two brothers and sisters. My brothersí names are Buddy and Sy, and my sistersí names are Sparkle and Daisy. Buddy and Daisy live on the left side of my doghouse and Sparkle and Sy live on the right side of my doghouse. We are all neighbours.

This morning I woke up to a normal day. I was lying comfortably in my warm, cozy doghouse when I was awoken by the smell of a freshly cooked breakfast. I got up slowly, stretched, scratched my ear and made my way to the back door. When I stepped out onto the cold, damp grass, the blazing sun shone into my eyes. I turned away and let my hazy eyes refocus on my surroundings. As I made my way towards the backdoor once again, I remembered I donít eat human food. Darn, I thought. Well, maybe if I act good, raise my ears and tilt my head then Iíll get something. Determined and ready, I made my way to the back door when I heard something.

Bark, bark!

Itís was my brother. We talked for a while, and I told him how much I loved being next to my little siblings. (There was a small crack in the fence so we could still see and talk to each other.) I am the oldest of them all. When I heard the bus screech to a stop, I thought to myself, well, there goes Susan. I wrapped up my conversation with Sy and headed for the house.

At the back door, I waited for awhile, just sitting there. I could see Mrs. Weller dusting the lamps, but I guess she couldnít see me. Eventually she came to the door and said she was sorry (in a very child-like manner); I forgave her and let her rub my belly; besides it was itchy. After the awesome belly rub, I went to my colourful, green water and food dishes for some breakfast. Even though it was the same thing everyday of my life, it was still good. I saw my owner watching some T.V., and so I decided to join her. I never really watched what was on; I just enjoyed the company and the comfort. After about twenty minutes I fell asleep. For most of my life I sleep and just lounge around until something exciting happens. For example, when I fell asleep watching T.V., with my owner, I was asleep until Susan came home from school.

So, when Susan did come home, I was sleeping on the couch, next to the front door. She came in with a confused look on her face. Her mother seemed to have asked her a question but as far as I saw she replied simply and went to her room. She completely ignored me, I thought. She probably had a tough day. On that note I fell back asleep on the warm, but also cold, black leather couch. As I fell asleep, I thought to myself, the life of a dog is a good life.

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