Double Acrostic
Thomas, Age 14, Edmonton, AB

Based on the Left Behind series by Jerry B. Jenkins and Tim LaHaye

Lost in something of which isnít local, itís Universal
Everlasting life is what your family talked about, they are now gone
Feeling sorry for yourself
Trying to find the light of which they talked.

Beginning to see the lamb
Earthquakes breaking all hope
Hated without the oath
Internal change to bring down the anti
News of people who are never stopping to save people from a madman
Death reaches across those who walk the easy road, the road that you walked.

Important words canít be shut out with a martini
Not being able to get out of the burning rain

Allowing yourself to become a replica of a

Demonic man who will stop at nothing to take people away from God
You lost your family, but not for eternity
In a world that was only foretold as an alibi
Needing some purpose to eliminate the pain
God, Jesus, this man was very intriguing.

With him came rekindling light, of which you came to follow
Obedience, love, a new kind of ammo
Relieving you of a painful and depressing world, to bring you into a life with a loving father
Living it with the sole purpose to bring people into a family where a good shall prevail
Death, death is forgotten. Life is now the most amazing deed; life is what everyone must need.

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