The Dream
Margaret, Age 12, Barrie, ON

One night, I drifted off into a hazy sleep, dense with thought and exasperation from the day’s numerous events, tired and sick of dealing with small annoying events occurring in my everyday life. I had a dream. I woke up and strolled out the front door. I glanced over my shoulder to catch a glimpse of my house. Hydrangeas lined the window sills, each in perfect shape, plump, round and releasing a balmy botanical scent, with no dry spots. Our house was bleached white and quaint, in a robotic, unorthodox way. The houses on the street were all identical to ours. Perfect rain drops pummelled down from puffy white clouds, and created clear, glistening tessellations in the air. Children were playing on the street, bouncing a ball in a rhythmic stiff way, each portraying nervous smiles. One of the children, I recognized, was my best friend and one my enemy, like two tall oak trees standing in front of me. My enemy was infested with thorns and creeping vines waiting to reach out and grab me, and my friend blossoming pink flowers. But my enemy simply smiled, not condescendingly, not happily, but blank and expressionless. The same smile was photocopied onto my friend’s face, with not a touch of emotion. I felt defeated. How content I would have been to overtake my enemy, alongside my friend. I was upset, so I burst in a sprint towards my house, but felt no tears stream down my cheek, for this was the perfect world, the other side.....

I collapsed onto the walkway toward my house, and suddenly, a blur of colours whirled around me ominously. Scarlet for the return of hatred, sky blue for the return of forlorn feelings and sadness. Then golden yellow, happiness and joy in vibrant splotches...... and then, I was awake.

Panting and sweating, I sat up in bed and was happy to feel exasperated, tired, and even slightly annoyed with my small feelings of agitation, from homework to dealing with tiredness. What if I really did live in a Utopian community? Then I wouldn’t have a friend or enemy, I wouldn’t have problems to overcome with triumph, I wouldn’t even have feelings!

Even with my small problems, I am so relieved that was a dream, because, clearly, even unhappy feelings can be to your benefit!

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